David Ward, JP (ACMCV)
Civil Celebrant
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Thanks so much for visiting my site about weddings for all couples my specialty and all other ceremonies.

I love a good wedding! Excitement, real energy and happiness are all ingredients for a great time.  I ensure the celebration is truly about the couple and represents who they are completely. I encourage the both of you to shake off convention and bring contemporary aspirations to the proceedings to produce a truly personal celebration!  You are only limited by your imagination.

If I am privileged to be your celebrant of choice, the person to help you declare your vows of devotion to each other, it is my commitment to deliver a uniquely personal ceremony for you. Together we will capture the true essence of what makes the two of you each other’s sole mate, with a sense of fun with a true celebration.

To help with your decision I offer to craft a ceremony that is truly yours. I work hard to ensure you get what you want. I understand how important this day is to you and assure you I will treat it with the respect and love it thoroughly deserves.

Go on the journey and continue to browse the rest of my site and contact me to make an appointment to take the next step in your exciting journey together.

What I Do / What You Get

I ensure all your documents are completed correctly and are lodged so you are legally a married couple and this is all of my responsibility. I will help you fill out all the forms you need. My fees will cover all the travel, pre-meetings, official documentation, equipment and ceremony.

On the day, you will be given a Certificate commemorating your marriage. However, if you want an official copy for changing names, updating passports and professional registrations, you will need to apply directly to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your state for a copy. I provide you with this form.

In the case where I am unfortunately not able to perform your wedding in the event of an accident all is not lost. I have great network of other Celebrants who will be able to assist in making your ceremony everything you wanted it to be.


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